Original Screenplays

The Graveyard Gang: Punched Back In

After years of hard work and dedication, Dalen Gus finds himself on the west coast, pursuing a job in his dream field – the movie industry! He’s finally in the very spot where it’s all happening. The only problem is, he’s not happening. He’s working long hours. He’s babysitting interns. He’s writing screenplays that don’t sell. But when his best friend Rich, contacts him about returning home, to be a part of his wedding renewal, Dalen can’t think of a better way to escape. Once reunited with Rich and The Gang, Dalen tries to make up for lost time with the people he was closest to, before leaving. But one misstep after another makes Dalen realize, initially he may not have put his best foot forward. With the help of his friend and the person he’s crushed on for the past ten years, Athena, Dalen attempts to go back to the drawing board and reassemble the pieces that he thought fit so perfectly together at one time, only to discover that a new puzzle and a much bigger picture is awaiting him in his own backyard, on the east coast.

The Graveyard Gang 2 Full Script

Meet Me at The Sinclair

As a seasoned listener to the best indie music, Louis, who currently attends school in the big city, has found the perfect venue in Cambridge, MA to feed his addiction. But when he drags his two fraternity brothers to this magnificent chamber of melody known as The Sinclair, music is not the sole focal point. Louis has his sights set on a beautiful girl who spends equally as much time at The Sinclair as he does. Louis’ two frat brothers think she’s completely out of his league. Louis begs to differ. When a shady bet and challenge is issued by his brothers, Louis implements a cunning plan to impress the girl, Jordan. To Louis’ dismay, his dishonest route to land Jordan in the palm of his hand leads him to the most unlikely destination when he discovers Jordan is already in a relationship… an open relationship.

Meet Me at The Sinclair Full Script

Cross Falls

Aspiring comedian and college graduate, Cam Kiley, has lived in the city for three years. In the midst of pursuing his comedy/acting career, Cam finds himself in dire financial straits and is forced to move back with his parents in his small hometown of Cross Falls. Upon arriving in Cross Falls, Cam is reunited with fellow aspiring comedian and best friend from college, Veronica, or more commonly referred to as Ronnie. While attempting to rekindle his relationship with Ronnie, Cam’s dark past reemerges when he is met by his former best friend, Austin Stone. As Cam draws closer to the tragedy that initially damaged his friendship with Austin, he makes a startling discovery that has the potential to bring the once-likely-duo back together again.

Cross Falls Full Script